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The periodical Mathematische Geologie (Mathematical Geology) is to be understood as an integrative journal publishing contributions on the advanced application of mathematical methods (e. g. mathematical statistics, modelling, classification, graphical analyses and representations, use of geographical information systems, computer simulation, expert systems, fuzzy technologies) in the entire field of geological sciences (i. e. regional and historical geology, tectonics, geology of mineral deposits, hydrogeology, environmental geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, lithology, palaeontology, geophysics etc.).

The periodical is devoted to the application and use of mathematical approaches supporting the solution of geological problems, to the search for new geological fields of successful mathematical applications, and to the development of new mathematical methods and models. Mathematische Geologie should be classified as part of the geosciences and not as a mathematical subject. The journal is directed at all geoscientists. With respect to various problems concerned with the practical use of mathematical methods, the periodical will supplement other journals. Consequently, the discussion of more practical solutions and examples will predominate, whereas basic mathematical considerations will be subordinated.

The periodical Mathematische Geologie will publish single contributions on special problems in the form of thematical issues and also monographs. Those mathematical or computer-oriented papers which are treated thoroughly in associated scientific fields such as geography or geophysics shall only be published marginally in this periodical.

Contributions will be published in the German, English, or French language. Papers in English are preferred. Contributors who are interested in publishing their contributions unpublished up to now are asked to contact the publisher before sending in manuscripts.

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