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Neue Paläontologische Abhandlungen forms a new monograph series in which contributions to palaeontology will appear at irregular intervals.

The name indicates the endeavour to continue traditions of German palaeontology: Palaeontologischen Abhandlungen was first published by G.Fischer-Verlag (Jena) in 1882. After 1889 the journal appeared as Geologische und Palaeontologische Abhandlungen until 1933. Its publication in 1961 by Akademie-Verlag Berlin (East) was resumed until 1969.

As palaeontology is essentially a descriptive science, the series will have an emphasis on the field of taxonomy. Approaches towards the application of modern methods in palaeontology are higly appreciated, and results that extend beyond pure taxonomy will be preferentially published.

By the means of economical production and moderate prices the publishing house tries to achieve a wide distribution of the series without detriment to quality, in particular to that of illustrations.

Editors: Hannes Löser and Thomas Steuber .

Editions: To be published at irregular intervals.

Publication since: September 1996.

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