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Volume 1 (September 2000)

H. Löser : Repertoire of Species

ISBN 3-931689-06-9

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The Repertoire lists a total of 3,030 coral species whose type localities are [as far as is known] of a Cretaceous age and were established in the period between 1758 and 1999. The Repertoire of Species is designed on the basis of the valuable work published by Bernrad LATHUILIERE on the Jurassic corals (1989), but some details have been modified (thus, the authors of genera are indicated, papers published by one and the same author in the same year are more clearly distinguished).
The Repertoire lists all species under the current genus and under the genus under which the species was originally established (according to the literature published before January, 1, 2000). Synonyms, both objective and subjective ones, are generally not taken into account. All species are cited, whether they are synonymous or not. Species which are described in the sense of a subsequent author and used over a long time period are indicated. Invalid species are cited according to their low number but are indicated and invalid species names are cited without correction. Also homonyms (genera and species) are cited as they are.
The type locality (or region, if no exact type locality is known), lithostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy are indicated under the original genus. It is indicated as correctly as possible. In some rare cases in which several localities in various countries are indicated, no locality is cited. Where the name of the locality (or of the formation) has changed since it was first used in the literature, the old name is indicated in brackets. An index is provided which cites the generic and specific names; the specific name points to two entries when the original and current genus differ. The reference list indicates all authors of taxa cited; in a few cases where the exact source was not found, it has been omitted.

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