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The serial gives a systematic overview on the Cretaceous corals. Except for additional notes on localities and taxa, the data are (for volume 1 to 3) taken from the literature and possess an objective status. The first volume - the Repertoire of Species - was published in 2000. The second volume was published in late 2002. The third volume was published in 2005.

With more than 2,000 pages, the complete edition forms the ultimate handbook of Cretaceous corals, of which the List of (more than 2,800) Localities is also interesting for palaeontologists who work with other Cretaceous fossils.

  1. Repertoire of Species (2000), 135 pp., 15 €
  2. List of Citations (2002), 784 pp., 50 €
  3. List of Localities (2005), 366 pp., 25 €
  4. Systematic Part (November 2016), 710 pp., 1763 figs., 150 €

Volumes 4 is now published

The Catalogue of Cretaceous Corals was originally envisaged to be only a revision of the Fossilium Catalogus. Whereas the first three volumes are mere compilations of data, the fourth volume is a systematic and fully illustrated revision on the genus level. The revision is carried out mainly on type material or material from the type locality of the type species of the genera concerned.

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