Löser / Heinrich / Schuster

Corals from Rußbach and Gosau
(Coniacian-Santonian; Austria)

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ISBN 978-3-931689-14-8
IV, 367 pages and 1195 (17 colour) figures.
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Löser / Heinrich / Schuster

Corals from Rußbach and Gosau
(Coniacian-Santonian; Austria).
English abridged version.

CPress Verlag Dresden
ISBN 978-3-931689-16-2
117 pages and 101 (2 colour) figures.
(no fossil images in the systematic part)

272 x 192mm, PDF
To be published in July 2019.

Zur deutschen Version

The corals of the so-called "Gosaukreide" form the most species-rich and best-preserved Mesozoic corals at all. For almost 200 years the coral fauna has been investigated, 330 species are reported, several comprehensive monographs were published. Why another treatise about this coral fauna? On the one hand, former works are obsolete, difficult to read, or simply insufficiently illustrated. On the other hand, there exist no work that may assist in naming the corals. The present compilation concentrates available data and want to help in the taxonomic classification of the fossil corals.
In order to register the coral fauna as complete as possible, extensive re-collection of material was carried out. During 40 field campaigns approximately three thousand specimens were collected. In addition, several thousand specimens in collections were examined. Approximately 800 thin sections were prepared only for this compilation.
We had to concentrate in a lithostratigraphic level and a certain area: the Streiteck, Grabenbach and Hochmoos formations in the valleys of Gosau and Rußbach. These areas deliver – compared to stratigraphically older (e.g. Turonian of St. Gilgen) or younger (e.g. the Campanian of the Neue Welt area in Niederösterreich) – more and much better preserved material.
The book is more an inventory than a revision, even if numerous collection were visited and type material included. As a totel, 350 species (in 86 genera) are described and illustrated, mainly with thin sections, but also surfaces of complete specimens. Morphometric data are provided. The compilation may assist collectors as well as professional palaeontologists to put a name on corals from the Gosau area.
  1. Preface and Introduction
  2. Geology and stratigraphy
  3. Coral morphology
  4. Taxonomy
  5. Appendices

English abridged version as PDF (6MB).

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